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Why We Maximize

The Jake Max Story
The Founders of Jake Max, Tyler Greenberg and Chris Finke

Our Story

A son of an artist and an entrepreneur, Tyler Greenberg became fascinated in the marriage between art and entrepreneurship. Tyler pursued this fascination in college where he discovered the potential of combining art, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

Tyler has always been inspired by his twin cousins, Jake and Max, who were born with Fragile X Syndrome. While taking an entrepeneruship course in college, Tyler thought of a way to spread awareness for individuals with disabilities such as Jake and Max through sharing the unique stories of other such individuals. With this, Tyler teamed up with fellow classmate Chris Finke to create the canvas of Jake Max. The two became united in advocacy for inclusion of all abilities

Born from a college dorm room, Jake Max continues to expand its mission of inclusion and promoting entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Jake and Max Highlighted in a Family Photo

Meet Jake and Max

The twins were born with a rare genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X causes intellectual, developmental, and cognitive disabilities-fewer than 200,000 cases are reported every year. Throughout their life, Jake and Max shattered misconceptions of what people with special needs are capable of. And while life was certainly met with challenges, they took them on. 
Today, Jake works in the restaurant business, always serving customers with a solid joke; Max is studying culinary school and coaches youth hockey. 
Experiencing life with people of all abilities is experiencing life to the fullest. One design at a time, the twins created a platform to champion the stories, talents, and names of others with special needs. 

Dear Jake and Max,

Thank you for illustrating what maximizing is all about. Your love for family and life is something I strive to emulate everyday. Because of you, I look at every person with excitement and wonder. You taught me that our differences make us shine. Knowing you both has made me better, I cannot wait to share what I found with others.