Our Mission

Woman Wearing Jakemax Apparel to support the Special Needs Community

Our Mission, Our Method

Cotton, Canvas, Entrepreneurship
A Special Needs Maximizer and a Champion Embracing Eachother

Who is Jake Max?

Jake Max is a socially-driven company that maximizes creativity and talent in the interest of people of all abilities. We’re a global apparel and art brand with roots at the University of Notre Dame. Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to share creative designs and stories of people with special needs through crafting meaningful clothing — and in doing so, raising funds and opportunities for an overlooked community of entrepreneurs. Through apparel, art, and advocacy we are proving that the world can dress good, feel good, and be good.

Our Difference

At Jake Max, every purchase counts. While socially-driven companies donate a percentage of their profits to a charitable cause, many, if not all, fail to capture a transparent picture as to how those profits make an impact. When you purchase a Maximizer’s specially designed apparel, 15% of the profit of each sale is directly given back to that individual. Jake Max provides an opportunity for customers to monetarily support an underserved and underrepresented population of extremely talented entrepreneurs — and while each dollar collected may provide college funds or healthcare, there is no dollar amount that can capture the heartwarming impact of knowing you matter.

A special Needs Maximizer posing in front a paint background for art and advocacy

Our Method

At Jake Max, our vision is to grow a robust and inclusive platform that masters wonderfully made apparel, provides educational digital content across various platforms, and gives voice and purpose to all. Jake Max aims to develop a culture of friendship and unity that taps into various industries (entertainment, athletics, arts, business, politics, culture) and meaningfully connects them to our cause. We exemplify a brand that can advocate in an inclusive and thoughtful way while standing firm in revolutionary principles of kindness.


We believe every painting tells a story. Our Maximizer paintings are derived from many passions, infused with creativity, and wonderfully imagined to create the perfect design. 


Wear apparel unlike anything else on the market. We are the only  brand who offers cotton comfort met with unmatched designs by people with special needs. Each item is specially crafted to showcase people of all abilities. 


In the spirit of entrepreneurship for everyone, fifteen percent (15%) of net profit from the sale of our products is given back to the featured artist.