Champions Program

The Champions Program

Making a difference, one champion at a time.
Special Needs Charity Event at Notre Dame

What is the Maximizer Champions Program?

The Maximizer Champions Program is a unique opportunity to help spread the mission of Jake Max through specialized and unique 1-on-1 partnerships with a Maximizer from our team. We identify Champions of Jake Max through their commitment to proliferating the abilities of all individuals, their desire to see a more inclusive society, and their willingness to engage in advocacy for those with disabilities. Pairing Champions with Maximizers who have similar interests (sport, art, hobby, music) is also a fundamental goal of the program.

Program Overview

What Does This Role Involve?

This role will involve several key components, but will evolve and expand as we collaborate on this project. 

Key components include:

·      1-on-1 meetings with your assigned Maximizer

·      Attendance (Virtual/In-person) at annual Jake Max functions with fellow Champions

·      Promotion of the Jake Max brand on social media, including links to the Jake Max social pages and website -- voicing support for your individual Maximizer and sharing their story is very important 

What are the benefits of this program?

As a Maximizer Champion, you will help to change lives by helping to raise awareness of the amazing abilities of all individuals, regardless of their background. The ability to connect with these Maximizers is a truly incredible opportunity which we, at Jake Max, believe will also change the way in which you will see the world around you. By agreeing to partake in this initiative, you will also receive free merchandise from your paired Maximizer as well as discounted merchandise from other Maximizers.