Champions Program

The Champions Program

Making a difference, one champion at a time.
Special Needs Charity Event at Notre Dame

What is the Maximizer Champions Program?

The Maximizer Champions Program is a unique opportunity to help spread the mission of Jake Max through serving as an advocate for the Jake Max brand and its Maximizers, our artists with disabilities who create our apparel. We identify Champions of Jake Max through their commitment to proliferating the abilities of all individuals, their desire to see a more inclusive society, and their willingness to engage in advocacy for those with disabilities.

Program Overview

What Does This Role Involve?

This role will involve several key components, but will evolve and expand as we collaborate on this project. 

Key components include:

We will send you a free piece of Jake Max apparel. In return, we ask that you:

1. Send us pictures wearing the apparel along with a video where you shout out the Maximizer whose art you are wearing.

Feel free to ask them a question, share something with them, or compliment their work!

2. Posts monthly on each social media platform you are present on.

Specific number of posts will be coordinated with Jake Max social media team.

Posts may vary between sharing Jake Max apparel, mission, or its Maximizers.

3. Share Jake Max stories on your personal social media!

What are the benefits of this program?

1. Free Jake Max apparel!

2. Become an advocate for this amazing community of individuals!

3. Become part of the Jake Max team!