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Wyatt's Story

Posted by Tyler Greenberg on

Words cannot express how grateful Jake Max is for our youngest Maximizer, Wyatt.  Wyatt has battled numerous surgeries and much adversity, but he never fails to have a smile on his face through it all.  His perseverance and love for family is something we can all admire and learn to emulate.  We are so proud to have 'Super Wyatt' soaring across our very first JM hat!  The selection of his vibrant colors and superhero persona are an uplifting emblem to brighten everyones day.  

15% of the profit from each sale is Wyatt's revenue. 

Thank you to Wyatt and his family. 

One hat at a time, 

Wyatt’s story 

Wyatt Gray was born in July 2012 with Down Syndrome in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We knew about the diagnosis from prenatal testing. We also knew he had several holes in his heart and would require surgery early in his life. Wyatt was in the NICU for 13 days after his birth while they helped resolve issues with eating. At 4 months old, he had open heart surgery to repair the holes and repair his mitral valve. His surgery went well but the recovery was hard and he was in significant pain the first 48 hours. As we prepared him for this surgery, we bought him a Superman onesie which he wore to the hospital. This onesie inspired the nickname “Super Wyatt” which he carries to this day. He is our brave boy. He has endured many medical challenges and surgeries in his life, but he does so joyfully (most of the time- remember he just turned 5). 

He works very hard to speak clearly and continues to improve weekly but really finds his voice when he sings along with his wide song repertoire (Disney soundtracks, popular dance music, classic kids’ songs, and Music Together CDs). He has music in his soul and imitates dance moves from music videos. Watch out, Justin Timberlake-he has the moves to your “Can’t Stop the Feeling” video down! 

He loves to spend time building with his Magna Tiles, cardboard brick blocks, playing with his Rescue Bots and Transformers, and most importantly, playing (which almost always morphs into wrestling) with his big brother, Robert, who is 7. Wyatt also loves to paint and color, or really do any sort of creative activity. He is starting Kindergarten this fall and is so excited to be going to school with his big brother.  

This little guy is the light of his adoring family’s lives and he gains fans in almost everyone he meets because of the bright smile he brings with him and the hugs he doles out easily. 


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