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Rowan's Story

Posted by Tyler Greenberg on

The Jake Max team is very excited to have Rowan as a Maximizer!  Rowan shares her deep love of horses with us all through her art.  Our company did a photoshoot where she became the star of the day; her smile and laughter are infectious.  She touches the lives of everyone she meets.  Art is a beautiful way for her to communicate how amazing she is.  

15% of the profit from each sale will be revenue for Rowan.

One shirt at a time, 

Thank you to Rowan and her family. 



"Hi. My name is Rowan Engh, and I am 13 years old. I have autism.  I am excited to be a Maximizer with Jake Max. I can express myself through my artwork where sometimes it is hard for me to find the words or feel comfortable in social situations"


Rowan’s Story

Rowan struggled early in life with extreme anxiety and sensory processing issues. Through the amazing talents and support of family, friends and therapists she is now very happy and navigating life much easier.

Rowan is an energetic, happy girl who is involved in a number of activities; gymnastics, circus class, social groups, swimming, horseback riding, music and art. Her favorites being, art and horseback riding.  Rowan has a light and a joy that is infectious and lifts the spirits and hearts of anyone who knows her.

From an early age Rowan’s favorite activities were playing with color swatches, mixing paint colors, and painting. She likes lots of bright colors, and creating interesting patterns and geometric shapes. About a year ago, she started riding horses with a local organization, Trail Blazers that provides assistive riding to special needs students, planting the seeds for a secondary large passion. She uses both art and horseback riding as calming tools and both bring her great joy.

Rowan is excited to work with Jake Max and has chosen St. Croix Trail Blazers as the designated recipient of her non-profit donation through JM. St. Croix Trail Blazers competes in Special Olympics for the state of Minnesota, and Rowan will be participating in her first competition this August. (2017)

She has painted three pictures of the horses at St. Croix Trail Blazers, Rowdy, Jag and Billy. She did these pieces using water color paints, markers, and fabric paint.

She hopes you will like wearing 'Jag the horse' as much as she liked making him.



Other works: Billy and Rowdy



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  • This is a fabulous program! I am so excited that Rowan was chosen as a maximizer! She is an amazing girl and artist! Could you get more shirts in size XXL?

    Betsy Diekema on

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