Joe was diagnosed with Autism at age 4.  He received support with speech as early as 2 1/2. When Joe began kindergarten, he struggled to write and received Occupational Therapy. That early intervention was essential. It was at this point his love for drawing began.  He has an amazing visual memory and can remember specific details most people forget.  

At 10, Joe was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  This challenge did not stop Joe’s desire to draw. He gained some direction and experience through a high school Art class, a few summer classes and daily doodles in his journals. As many people on the Autism Spectrum, Joe has found a “passion” that is fueled by natural ability.  

Joe’s high school experience was cut short due to Epilepsy but, he did officially graduate in 2019!  In 2020, while COVID kept everyone at home, Joe and his mom designed an art studio out of a bedroom, creating ARTFULLY JOE.  He is selling his remarkable ink and mixed media artwork!

Instagram: @artfullyjoe


TikTok: @theartfullyjoe

Facebook: Joe Baker

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