Rosemary is 13 years young, born on May 4, 2004. Although she had a normal pregnancy, ultrasound, and delivery, after birth she was diagnosed with multiple congenital anomalies (birth defects), and spent her first three weeks in the NICU at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

Tests revealed problems with her brain, eyes, nasal passages, heart, spine, kidneys, intestines, swallow reflex, and her muscle tone. Some of her defects are consistent with CHARGE syndrome while others are not. She required multiple surgeries to repair what could be fixed including several abdominal surgeries and a colostomy until she was seven months old and a feeding tube until she was 3.5 years old.

Doctors weren’t sure if she would ever walk, talk, or be able to eat normally.  I am happy to report she does all three splendidly. She still has many challenges such as needing a full time aide at school and will always be dependent on us during her lifetime. We’ve come to realize that’s just God’s plan and it is truly a great blessing to be able to care for her.

Rosemary is the most joyful and loving child I’ve ever known. She smiles constantly, loves everybody, and likes to hug everyone she knows and meets. She loves listening to music, dancing, and just spending time with her parents and two older brothers. She is our sunshine, our joy, our “Rosebud”.

As part of the Notre Dame family, Rosemary wanted to created a shamrock for her piece of art. We hope you wear it in good health, and that it serves as a reminder to count your blessings. Go Irish! 

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