Lucy's I Love College Hat (Stone)

Lucy's inspiration for her drawing came from the Christian atmosphere on her campus. She uses the stain glass motif and the Bethel colors for one drawing. The rainbow inspiration came from a scholarship she received from Ruby's Rainbow. This organization gives scholarships to individuals with Down syndrome pursuing college. Lucy received a $1,000 scholarship to help her pursue her dream. Lucy would like to donate any proceeds if picked to be a maximizer. In her words: " Every student with a disability should have this awesome opportunity to attend college!"

Purchase Maximizer Lucy's line of hand-crafted apparel and discover her inspirational story. Fifteen percent (15%) of the profit from each sale of "I Love College" will be given directly to Lucy.

Size guide

A (inches) 20 ½-21 ⅝
B (inches) 4 ½
C (inches) 2 ⅞
D (inches) 7 ⅛