Kitty's "Queen of Hearts" Hat (White)

Here’s Kitty! Kitty was born Sept 3, 2017. We found out at our 20 weeks scan that she had multiple heart defects and some type of Trisomy, later confirmed as 21, also known as Down Syndrome.

We then found out she had more heart defects and a stomach defect. I feared her. Even taking a first breath, her body sounded too complex for this world. But at first sight, she was strong and her little rosebud lips reminded me of the Queen of Hearts. She soon proved that to be true, as she melted hearts across the world via social media, as they came together to pray for her.

On top of the gene mutation, that is Trisomy 21, she has a second. And two gene mutations are almost unheard of. It’s a rare endocrine disorder that makes her sugars low. Cardiac and low blood sugars don’t mix and she remained in heart failure many months. Even her open heart wound refused to close, her heart beating right next to mine, no flesh to protect it.

Things finally went well and she went home for 3 whole days! She caught the flu leaving the hospital, and was right back in. Her oxygen went low enough to lose blood flow to her intestines causing further damage. She bled out for a week. They pumped new blood right back in as it came out. And now, a 3 month stay due to that! But, she lived! Although, 6 weeks later...pneumonia! It was only a 3 week stay and we were so proud of that fast recovery!

Aside from 6 weeks home, she really spent 10.5 months tethered by IVs on a hospital bed of her first year.

She never ceases to amaze us. She’s a whole person, living a whole little toddler life, with her three brothers and parents. She has just a little extra. Kitty is full of personality and attitude!

“Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce” -Shakespeare