"Jasey's Guy" Hoodie (Black)

Welcome to our Jake Max family, Maximizer Jasey! Jasey is extremely passionate about the arts – he’s always either drawing, colouring or singing & dancing. He LOVES musicals and our town’s community theatre treats Jasey like one of their own and casts him as a backup in all of the shows. After a two-year hiatus, he’s beyond thrilled to be a part of this year’s show: The Little Shop of Horrors – which will go live this fall. Jasey loves the entire process from cast meetings to rehearsals and everything behind the scenes. It’s all he can talk about for months and sells out rows of seats for every show.
Here are some other fun facts about Maximizer Jasey
He loves going to the movie theatre – he catches every single new release!
He’s an awesome uncle to three littles
Jasey has a golf cart that he loves to drive around at our cottage (extra special since he can’t drive a car).
Jasey started drawing “Jasey’s Guy” when he was a little kid. His family would find the figure on everything around the house (old pizza boxes, cardboard, gift bags etc.) He always draws it out the same way/in the same order and rarely switches it up other than adding an accessory or two.
Jasey is the most outgoing and friendly guy you’ll meet – he lights up the room and is extremely social. He loves to spend time with his awesome friends and family.
Jasey loves a good routine (up every morning at 7 am), and he has an awesome/simple outlook on life that we could all learn a thing or two from. He doesn’t worry about too much and does a great job at putting smiles on faces and making people laugh.
Jasey has Fragile X Syndrome – but doesn’t let it get in his way!