Kelly's Story

Kelly's Story

Kelly's Story

Kelly was born on May 11th, 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She came into the world with an innate light and kindness to her, and also an unknown disability, causing her cerebellum to be half of its usual size, affecting her coordination and physical functioning. 

But there was no questioning the limits she could push; as Kelly grew up her family and friends watched her overcome challenge after challenge with her sheer determination, including the time she gave up her walker to begin walking on her own, shortly after her Dad Charlie passed away.
What defines Kelly is not her disability, but her ability to love and be kind to others.  She is able to do what so many of us struggle with, which is telling people how much she loves them; Kelly is the definition of unconditional love.  All of these traits are why her classmates voted her their Homecoming Queen this year. 
Kelly is so excited to be able to share her love of art with the world in hopes that it reminds them to be kind, to love others, and to love yourself exactly as you are.

The Jake Max team is very excited to have Kelly as a Maximizer!  Kelly isn't only queen of Minnetonka (MN) high school, her lovable personality makes her stand out wherever life takes her.  We are so honored to share her inspirational art, teaching us all to listen to our hearts and 'Be You'.

Thank you to Kelly and her family. 

15% of the net profit from each sale is Kelly's.



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