Welcome to our Jake Max family, Maximizer Caitlin! She loves the summer because that means spending time on the boat and swimming in the lake with her family. This includes her Mom, Dad, Brother Alex, Sister Hannah and Golden Doodle pup, Scout! Caitlin also loves playing outside with bubbles and drawing with sidewalk chalk for fun. If Caitlin is out in the community, you will probably catch her at the local park swinging on the swings or going down the slide.

Caitlin loves all things Disney and has an impressive collection of Disney movies. She can tell you with her amazing memory the year every Disney movie was released. The Little Mermaid is a fan favorite!

Some other fun facts about Caitlin are her favorite animal is a Llama and her favorite place on Earth is Tybee Island in Georgia!

She lives by the motto of her artwork of 'Be Happy' and makes everyone who's with her happier too!


  • Amazing art work ! Way to
    Go Caitlin – why not be happy ! ❤️

    Debbie Moceri on

  • Love you both so much! Can’t wait to get my BeHappy sweatshirt!

    Brooke Cutter on

  • Could not be prouder of both my girls 💕. Thank you jakemax for showcasing love, sisterhood and the beautiful of diversity!

    Patti on

  • Wow Caitlin! Your own clothing line! So cool! Love your artwork!

    Becky Riess on

  • So happy for you Caitlin! I love your artwork and cannot wait to receive my “Be Happy” hoodie. This was just what I needed today. Thank you!

    Veronica Collins on

  • I’m so excited for you! I ordered one of your shirts!

    Kendra McConnell Hurd on

  • Thanks Caitlin, Great art work. Tell your Mom Hello.

    Patty Pretzell Harrop on

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