In 2017, Jake Max was formed in response to the inspiration realized in the life of our first Maximizer, Adam.  Originating as a start-up project in an entrepreneurship class, our founder responded by forming a team of passionate individuals who both celebrated and advocated for the special needs community.

Together our team witnessed family members and friends with special needs transform the world. We discovered how names, stories, and creativity could reveal that in a world that makes us all feel different, we can always find something in common with one another.  

We seized the opportunity to glorify the gifts of people with special needs, while we simultaneously introduced people to the experience of knowing someone like them. Shortly after, Jake Max began a concept: one design at a time, we maximize.  Through offering high-quality apparel, both our special needs artists and customers feel and look good! 

Special needs people have so much to offer this world, and we want everyone to know it! Thanks to you, we continue to provide Maximizers with profits for trusts, medical expenses, and overall empowerment. Thank you for maximizing with us!