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Thank you for your continuous support of the special needs community at this time, let's Maximize! 

Maximizer Gabe

Gabe has been diagnosed with NPC (Niemann-Picks Type C). NPC symptoms include: gaze palsy, loss of cognition, swallow/speech, motor control and balance. When he was in high school he held quarterback sack records in same school as a famous NFL player of today. Gabe also enjoyed skateboarding. The disease took this from him. He wants to create a legacy with his art that will inspire and persevere --
honoring skateboarding and his/its love of ART.  CrOW Skate Design, is a creation by Gabriel McKenzie, please learn more at:

Gabriel has 9 retail store locations that carry his goods and stickers, 3 in Chicago. He also enjoys art festivals, art shops, museums, Rare disease Day at Notre Dame, National Niemann-picks Disease conferences, and other support functions.

Gabriel is participating in research at Rush University in Chicago with Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis and her wonderfully compassionate and dedicated team in research.
Gabriel is one of the first to help dose medicine designed to help NPC. It is given with spinal injection every 2 weeks. This experimental drug is meant to help with symptoms of NPC (Niemann-picks type c); in our opinion, it has slowed its progression.

Welcome to the JM family, Maximizer Gabe! We are so excited to share your passions with the world.  Here's to Maximizing together... 

Thank you to Gabe and his family.

15% of the net profit from each sale is Gabe's.