Zoey's Story

Zoey's Story

Zoey's Story

We call her unstoppable, sweet ‘n sassy, a champion! 

Our Zoey Grace was excited to make her entrance into the world, she arrived ten days early!  She spent the next five weeks in two NICUs where her prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect were confirmed.  That time was spent getting her stable enough to go home and grow as she awaited surgery to fix her tiny, broken heart.  She was weak and fragile those first months, then came open heart surgery and she made a complete turn around.  We saw her sassy and strong side emerge and she’s been taking on life with a gusto ever since!

Zoey began to draw when she was about three, but by age six her skills were really blossoming!  Now nine, she spends most days drawing in her art notebook quite a bit - always eager to show us her latest works of art!  She also loves to color, paint, and do crafts - as well as play barbies, go to the park, swim, see movies, spend time with friends, and so much more!!

Zoey has shown us and taught us so much about life!  I once feared the unknown, but she took my hand and brought me in to this world where I have a found something so beautiful - like a rainbow after a storm!  It then became my mission to share this beauty, the beauty of Down syndrome! 

It’s a bella zoey = it’s a beautiful life!!

We are so excited to see Zoey’s artwork featured here at Jake Max Apparel, what a fun and amazing opportunity!!  Thank you so much!!


Welcome to the JM family, Maximizer Zoey! We cannot wait for your colors to shine. Here's to maximizing together...

15% of the net profit from each sale is Zoey's. 


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