Rikson's Story

Rikson's Story

Rikson's Story

Rikson is an amazing boy who absolutely loves to live life. He was born in Pennsylvania, and will be turning 6 on May 15. At 15 months, of age Rikson was diagnosed with left sided hemi palegic Cerebral Palsy. He had very limited use of his left arm and drug his left leg when he scooted across the floor.

At 22 months, he was diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome after extensive appointments and therapies. He suffered from severe migraines and gastroparesis from very early on. At age 4, he had his first spinal cord surgery, resulting in yet another diagnosis of spina bifida, and soon after had a feeding tube placed. He was then diagnosed with epilepsy, and getting his seizures under control has helped tremendously in reducing his migraines. Later that year we moved from PA to AZ, and Rikson absolutely loves it here ! 

He has always been a strong willed, determined little boy, but his personality has exploded and his determination has shown that there is nothing he cannot do!  He started gymnastics, horseback riding, swimming, biking and absolutely loves playing with his friends. Rikson loves art, and on hot days, or nights after his activities, he loves to paint! It has been great to see how far he has come and is now using both hands!


Welcome to the JM family, Maximizer Rikson! Here's to our very first Fragile X warrior, our namesake is so proud. We cannot wait for everyone to hang with your "peeps". 

Thank you to Rikson and his family.

15% of the net profit from each sale is Rikson's.


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