Mark's Story

Mark's Story

Mark's Story

Mark Maasch is from Maple Grove, Minnesota and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. He has difficulties in communication, struggles with social interaction, and has a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors. He works hard to live in the world we do with a disability that makes the simplest tasks a struggle.

Without the ability to interpret facial expressions or gestures makes the social world complex. This is something Mark works immeasurably hard on developing for himself.

Today, Mark is twenty-four years old. He has overcome many obstacles in his life and continues to grow everyday. Artwork is a way for Mark to be expressive in his ideas and way of thinking. With the help of Jake Max, it furthers his outlet to do so. Mark is always eager to make new friends to share his stories with!

He graduated high school and currently works. He has a passion for drawing, video games, trains, and rollercoasters. Mark has a contagious laugh and smile that lights up a room!


Welcome to the JM family, Maximizer Mark!  We are so excited to share your art with the world.  Here's to Maximizing together! 

Thank you to Mark and his family.

15% of the net profit from each sale is Mark's.


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